What is HPCC?
HPCC is an organization with has been started with an idea of creating awareness and recognition of the profession of pharmacy in Hyderabad. The present scenario in which the pharmacist is not being recognized as a healthcare professional but as a normal retail shopkeeper who just dispenses the prescriptions. And some professions like clinical pharmacist and community pharmacist are not yet recognized. In order to give a revered position to the pharmacists in the world of healthcare professionals and aware the common people about the pharmacy. This also provides the pharmacy students to enrich their skills in organizing, communicating, and interacting with the officials who are at a senior level

What does HPCC do?
HPCC - Hyderabad Pharmaceutical Congress Committee is an organization of the pharmacy students from different colleges in Hyderabad. This organization has several committees which organize health camps, rallies, educational symposium, and several other programs related to the awareness of public health in order to promote the healthy lifestyle among the civilians. In health camps students get to know the common people and their idea of recognizing a symptom and the disease condition. In these camps the students get to learn how to prevent and treat the common symptoms and conditions prevailing. They also get to learn how to interact with the common people who are composed of both educated and even the laymen.
In education symposiums, the reputed and knowledge enriched speakers are bought to us and would provide you the most blossoming experience of learning. Most prevailing diseases and informative topics are taken as the theme for the symposium. Several other competitions are being conducted in Hyderabad city level which gives the insights and a congress colored with experience for all the pharmacy students.

How do you benefit from this?
We students being a part HPCC have great opportunity to learn new approaches’ of thinking and managing the work.
This organization being started under the guidance of one of the best chairman, utilizing this is a very good chance to enhance your skill.
It is a best way to improve your technical interaction and communication skills.
It gives a great opportunity to discover the leadership qualities and organizing qualities within.

It also helps the students to enrich the quality of teamwork and unity.


Q. What does TPC and HPCC stands for?
A.TPC - Telangana   pharmaceutical committee.
HPCC - Hyderabad pharmaceutical congress committee.

Q. What is HPCC?
A.Hyderabad Pharmaceutical congress committee is the apex body representing Indian Pharmacists working in various capacities, viz, Pharmaceutical Industry, Research & Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Academics, Drugs Control Departments, Hospitals, Community & Clinical Pharmacyand Marketing etc. It is also a student body cum Pharmacy committee enthusiastic to upgrade the pharmacy profession to a whole new level specific to Hyderabad city.

Q. What are the goals of HPCC?
A. The mission of the HPCCis to improve public health by,

  •   Advancing pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science.
  •   Responding to global challenges in health, health education and workforce strategies.
  •   Serving as the global, collective voice of students and recent graduates in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Q. Does HPCC organize congress?
A.Yes, HPCC will organize a congress yearly.

Q. How to participate in HPCC working groups?
A.You need to download “Interested Member to Work Form” and submit to HPCC contact mail. Your interest to work will be selected based on your abilities, experiences and your interest towards HPCC.

Q. What will I gain in return if I express my new ideas in pharmacy sector in HPCC?
A.“Your ideas will decide your gains”.

Q. Who can become an HPCC member?
A.Membership of the CONGRESS is open to active healthcare individuals engaged in different sectors in field of pharmacy. All members must maintain a permanent healthcare –oriented programmes.

Q. How to become an HPCC member?
A. To become a member, visit the membership dialogue, please contact via HPCC email address.

Q. What are the benefits of membership?

A.Important reason to be a member is to be a part of representing body of HPCC. The real achievements  is to be found in inter-member support, networking and exchange of views and understanding the actual priority to be a pharmacist .