HPCC- Hyderabad Pharmaceutical congress committee is the apex body representing Indian Pharmacists working in various capacities, viz, Pharmaceutical Industry, Research & Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Academics, Drugs Control Departments, Hospitals, Community & Clinical Pharmacy, Marketing etc. it is also a student body cum Pharmacy committee enthusiastic to upgrade the pharmacy profession to a whole new level specific to Hyderabad city. With the new innovations in the pharmacy field on a daily basis, it becomes a necessity to have a thorough update of these aspects. Therefore HPCC provides a platform for the pharmacy professionals to make themselves well aware regarding these new innovations in the pharmacy field as it will be held in Hyderabad city on a yearly basis. This in turn provides better patient care and well being of the society. Pharmacists play leadership roles in Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Control and Drug Management, Academic Training of other health workers and research. In all these fields, their aim is to ensure optimum drug therapy, both by contributing to the preparation, supply and control of medicines and associated products, and by providing information and advice to those who prescribe or use pharmaceutical products. The Pharmacist in India is no longer a mere dispenser of medicines, but has assumed a more crucial role in healthcare through effective management of th medicines and leadership in health care delivery of the country.

1. To provide better patient care.

2. To create a forum for healthcare professionals to make connections and build resources.

3. To design a way of influencing or bringing about change on a wide scale.

4. To improve the pharmacy profession in Hyderabad and also attempt to improve in India.

5. To give a platform to the pharmacy professionals to voice out their opinions and experiences.

6. To held educational symposia on different topics by experts around the world which provides a better informative environment and to educate the upcoming pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals.

7. To held health camps and other awareness programs which will be an attempt in making Hyderabad a healthy and informative city.

8. To conduct all Hyderabad level competitions to have an enthusiastic and fun learning experience for budding pharmacists to justify “INFORMATION FOR ALL” sector.

9. Network with other stakeholders including distributors, pharmacies, hospital pharmacy companies and manufacturers to ensure to have strong chain possible.

10.Advancing pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science.

11.Responding to global challenges in health, health education and workforce strategies.

12.Serving as the global, collective voice of students and recent graduates in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

13.Respect for human dignity.

14.Team spirit encouraging individual initiative.

15.Delivery of quality-driven outcomes.

16. Equip members for professional life in local and international settings.

17.Increase member involvement in global health.

18.Strengthen inter professional commitment to healthcare.

19.Provide opportunities for professional development, education, and international exchange.

20.Disseminate scientific and professional knowledge.

21.Advocate for improvements to pharmaceutical education strategies;

22.Encourage the formation and development of national pharmaceutical student organizations without trespassing on their domains.

23. To do and perform any or all other acts, matters and things as are conductive to, or incidental to, or necessary for, the above objects.