Paper Presentations

Instruction to Authors for Paper Presentation.

Paper Presentation (Publication/Journal)

All papers to be submitted for publication must be sent to the Concerned Sectional Presidents. Each paper must be accompanied by three copies of abstracts (within 100 words, without any sketches, tables, etc.) and a copy of the full paper. The name of the Section where the paper is to be presented should be indicated. The model format for abstract along with addresses of Sectional Presidents is given below.
Each author is entitled to submit only two papers.
All authors must be associated to Pharmacy field. Corresponding author must give a declaration that authors/co-authors are also associated with Pharmacy field.
Papers should reach on or before 15th of every month. The abstracts of these papers if approved will be printed in Part II of the Proceedings.
Papers (along with abstracts) received after September 15, 2015 will not be considered.
Contributed papers would be presented primarily by way of publication/journals. Authors of the accepted papers will be advised by the concerned Sectional Presidents about preparation of publication/journal.